What Is CheckMate Certification?

Welcome to CheckMate

CheckMate Certification at TurboSquid is a quality program for 3D models. After extensive research and surveys with our customers, TurboSquid developed CheckMate to set a new bar for quality in 3D models.

With CheckMate Certification, staff inspectors at TurboSquid check 3D models against a list of standards. Models that pass the standard are marked with a blue or silver CheckMate badge, both in Search results and in the Product Preview.

There are two levels of CheckMate certification:

CMPro-multiuse-ikon2-1.png CheckMate Pro - The industry's highest standard for 3D models including quad-based topology,  real-world scale, perfect UVs, and many others. 

CMLite-multiuse-ikon2-1.png CheckMate Lite - A reliability standard that tells you the model opens and renders as expected.

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