United States Postal Service (USPS) Agreement for Personal and Non-Commercial Print and 3D Printing Category

1. Ownership. You hereby acknowledge: (i) that the Licensed Properties are owned or rightfully
licensed by USPS, (ii) the validity of the Licensed Properties and other intellectual property
associated therewith, (iii) except as set forth herein, you have no right, title or interest in or to the
Licensed Properties and the other intellectual property associated therewith, and (iv) the goodwill
associated with, and all use of, the Licensed Properties and other intellectual property associated
therewith by you will inure to the benefit of USPS or USPS’s licensors.
2. Rights Granted. TurboSquid hereby grants to you a non-exclusive, nontransferable, revocable
license to use the Licensed Properties solely upon or in connection with Licensed Products pursuant
to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. You may NOT sub-license rights under this
Agreement. The territory allowed is considered worldwide.
3. Permitted Uses: Licensed Products for Digital media uses are strictly limited to printing one (1)
tangible embodiment of the Licensed Product. The printed embodiment of the Licensed Product
shall not be sold. For purposes of clarity, CNC machining is explicitly prohibited.
4. Recordal: You agree to advise Licensor immediately if you are domiciled and/or reside outside of
the United States and/or you intend to use the Licensed Properties outside of the United States. In
addition, you agree to provide Licensor and/or USPS with all documents and materials and/or to
execute any documents or otherwise comply with any instructions from Licensor or USPS regarding
the recordal of this Agreement in any jurisdiction as may be requested and required by USPS for the
use of the Licensed Properties. Any such failure to comply with this request shall be grounds for
immediate termination of this Agreement.
5. Restrictions on All Permitted Uses. The following restrictions apply to uses of the Licensed

a. Strict Adherence to all Licensor and USPS Instructions. You agree to comply with all
guidelines and instructions regarding use of the Licensed Properties provided from Licensor
and/or USPS to you. Any such failure to comply with Licensor and/or USPS instructions shall be
grounds for immediate termination of this Agreement.
b. Declared Use. You may NOT use the Licensed Product for any use other than the one you
declared as part of your Purchase, subject to the further restrictions as contained herein.
c. Positive Light. Your use of the Licensed Products must NOT feature any illegal drug use, sex,
nudity, racism, graphic depiction of death, violence, gore, or foul or illicit language, or be
otherwise offensive or disparaging to USPS, as determined solely by USPS. You may NOT
remove any branding or trade dress (whether by logo or otherwise) from the Licensed Products,
nor devise any tarnishing use of the brand depicted by the Licensed Property.
d. Safety. Except as part of safety training materials, all vehicle occupants depicted in connection
with the Licensed Product must wear seatbelts, and cannot be injured as result of vehicle
operation, including being ejected from vehicles. Pedestrians and animals cannot be injured. Cars
may never catch fire or explode. Vehicles may not be damaged. Pedestrians and animals cannot
be injured during game-play. You may not be rewarded for intentionally damaging other game
objects (e.g. car, property, pedestrians). Contacting other vehicles or objects should result in a
realistic response by the vehicle being driven. Vehicles must be subject to real world conditions
and not roll-over due to unwarranted circumstances. Game-play may end due to excessive
vehicle damage – however, game-play cannot end due to vehicle quality issues. Cars may not
purposefully jump off of cliffs, buildings or other high points. They must stop at the edge.
e. Police. No interaction with Police vehicles is acceptable, and no police officer may be injured or
killed. No police car may catch fire.

6. Assumption of Risk. Creation and/or use of any physical embodiment of a Licensed Product is
undertaken at your peril and you assume all risk associated with such creation and/or use. Neither
Turbosquid nor USPS shall be liable for any damage or injury associated with the creation of and/or
use of any physical embodiment of a Licensed Product.

Any violation of any of the foregoing provisions shall result in immediate revocation of all rights
to use the Licensed Products granted hereunder

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