Conversions for solids-based applications

Solids-based applications include:

  • Inventor
  • Pro-E
  • Rhino
  • Solidworks

What to expect from your conversion

While conversions for different solids-based applications will yield different results, most will have the following limitations:

  • Models over 20,000 polygons cannot be converted to a solid-based format.
  • No textures or materials will be applied.
  • If conversion is possible, you will receive geometry only.
  • Simulated detail from bump/normal maps will not convert as this is not part of the actual geometry.
  • Objects/features generated from plug-ins may not convert.
  • Geometry will be a fused into a single object and may not be editable.
  • Geometry will be faceted.
  • Layer information will not convert.

For more information about what specific limitations will apply to your conversion, please contact our support team.

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