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The Product Preview for your 3D model should include at least two high-resolution wireframe images of your model. You should also include a wireframe turntable of your model so the customer can clearly see the topology all the way around the model.

Why Make Wireframes?

While your model's topology is obvious to you, it won't be obvious to others looking at rendered thumbnails. Having wireframe thumbnails removes any doubt from the customer's mind about how the model is built. If a customer is going to pay money for a 3D model, they usually want to know whether it has clean topology and is free of ngons.

  • Many customers will buy only models for which they can see wireframes.
  • Having no wireframe thumbnails, in many customers' minds, is the equivalent of saying that you're ashamed of the model's topology. If you're ashamed of it, why would they want to buy it?

Wireframe Turntables

You can really show off your model's structure by creating a 1480 x 800 Cinema Wide wireframe turntable for every rendered turntable you create. Then customers can flip between the rendered and wireframe turntable versions to get a complete picture of your model and its topology.

How Many Wireframe Images Should I Create?

While you are required to create at least two still wireframes and a rendered turntable for your model, you can create as many wireframes as you like for your product. And more images will help sell your product. Our recommendation is to create wireframes that show the following:

  • One 1480 x 800 Cinema Wide aspect ratio wireframe thumbnail that matches the rendered Signature Image, framing the entire model

  • One 1480 x 800 Cinema Wide aspect ratio wireframe thumbnail to show the side or back of the model not shown in the Signature Image, framing the entire model

  • One or more 1480 x 800 Cinema Wide aspect ratio close-ups of detailed areas that the customer can't clearly see in the other wireframe thumbnails

  • Optional: One 1480 x 800 Cinema Wide aspect ratio wireframe turntable to match your rendered turntable

See the videos below to learn how to make great wireframe thumbnails for your 3D model.

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