Resetting Transforms

Centering and Freezing Transforms in Maya

Fix Non-100% Scale in 3ds Max

When you create your 3D model you will undoubtedly move, rotate, and even scale its parts during the process. If you don't reset the object's transforms, other artists can experience difficulties in working with the model. Different software applications require different approaches to setting up the model for easy use.

Scale Transforms in 3ds Max

In 3ds Max, you must make sure each object is at 100% scale at the object level. Any scaling left at the object level can cause strange things to happen when the model is used in a linked hierarchy, or when the model is exported to another application. You can fix this problem with the Reset Scale option in the Hierarchy tab. See the 3ds Max video in the Real-World scale topic to find out how to use this tool.


Transforms in Other Applications

In Maya and other applications, you will need to freeze the transforms for all objects. This enables the artist using your model to reset the transforms at any time after moving and rotating objects.

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