What is Squid.io?


We wanted to give artists a dedicated place to interact with other members of the 3D artist community, get access to tips and training, and publish and manage their TurboSquid and PixelSquid content. Our vision is to make Squid.io the central hub for our 3D artist community.  TurboSquid and PixelSquid customers have distinctly different needs and expectations from our 3D artists. By having separate hubs, we are able to tailor each site to fit the specific needs of each of the three communities.

Accessing Squid.io is easy. You would simply go to squid.io and log in with your TurboSquid credentials by clicking on TurboSquid Login. If you do not have a TurboSquid account, click on TurboSquid Registration, and you will be prompted to create an account. Your login information will work for both TurboSquid and Squid.io. 

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