SquidGuild Bridge

SquidGuild Bridge is a TurboSquid program for artists who have binding agreements with other marketplaces and/or distribution channels, but would like to participate in TurboSquid’s SquidGuild program.

Members of the SquidGuild Bridge program are eligible for standard SquidGuild benefits. 3D models published exclusively with TurboSquid get the SquidGuild royalty rate, and also may submitted for CheckMate certification.

You can read more about SquidGuild Bridge on our blog, or join the discussion in the Artist Seller area of our forums.

In order to join SquidGuild Bridge, you must apply and be accepted. Apply to SquidGuild Bridge

SquidGuild Bridge FAQ

Who can join SquidGuild Bridge?

SquidGuild Bridge is open to artists at the Silver SquidLevel and above who have signed time-limited distribution agreements for their 3D models with competing channels. This might apply to you if you have:

  • A multi-year agreement with another website that requires you to leave 3D models up on that site until a specific date
  • A DVD distribution agreement with a distributor with a specific end date or end clause (eg. “Artist has the option to end this agreement when the first run of DVDs sells out”)

In any case, the agreement must have been signed prior to March 1, 2013. 

You are not eligible for SquidGuild Bridge if you have commitments for your 3D models that you can easily get out of,  such as:

  • A personal site selling your models, created after July 2009 (the cutoff date for personal sites allowed by SquidGuild membership)
  • Contracts that can be terminated with a simple notification period or negligible penalty
In order to qualify for SquidGuild Bridge, you must:
  • Have a SquidLevel of Silver or above TurboSquid
  • Have at least one 3D models that can become exclusive to TurboSquid
Once you have completed the Bridge application, please open a ticket so that we can process it.

What are the benefits of SquidGuild Bridge?

  • Models exclusive to TurboSquid get the SquidGuild royalty rate that matches your SquidLevel.
  • Non-exclusive models may be eligible for the full SquidGuild royalty rate that matches your SquidLevel. For details, please see the terms for non-exclusive content below.
  • Models exclusive to TurboSquid can be submitted for CheckMate Certification.
  • You will have access to reports, forums, and other SquidGuild features for your SquidLevel. Please see the SquidLevels page for information on what 's available at your SquidLevel.

Why did TurboSquid start SquidGuild Bridge?

Since we launched the SquidGuild in August 2009, most of our top sellers have joined. In the meantime, some sellers have signed agreements with other distribution channels that commit their 3D models for a significant period of time. Many of these sellers have contacted us and asked if there is any way they can join the SquidGuild despite these agreements.

We formed SquidGuild Bridge in response to these sellers' requests. With this program, sellers who have some (but not all) of their 3D models committed to outside agreements can enjoy SquidGuild benefits by making their uncommitted models exclusive to TurboSquid. 

Can I post my models that are bound by an outside agreement on other sites besides the one with which I have the agreement?

Yes, if your agreement allows for this. If so, models bound by outside agreements can be sold at any distribution channel you choose.

There are two royalty structures for your non-exclusive content:

  1. If your content is only available on TurboSquid and the site with which you have an outside agreement, all of your exclusive and non-exclusive content will be eligible for the SquidGuild royalty rate that matches your SquidLevel.
  2. If your content is available on distribution channels other than TurboSquid and the site with which you have an outside agreement, your non-exclusive content will be subject to a 40% royalty rate until they become exclusive.

What is the commitment necessary to join SquidGuild Bridge?

Publishing Commitment

  • You will publish 3D models only on TurboSquid during your SquidGuild Bridge term. In other words, any new or unpublished models may be published only at TurboSquid.
  • If you have 3D models published on the site with which you have an agreement that are not currently on TurboSquid, you will also publish them on TurboSquid (if they are not limited by an exclusivity clause in another Distribution Agreement).
  • All of your 3D models that can become exclusive (ie. are not bound by a distribution agreement) must be published exclusively at TurboSquid. 
  • Models that are bound by an outside agreement may remain with that website or distribution channel. However, you may not upload or publish any additional content to the other website during the term of your SquidGuild Bridge agreement.

Exclusivity Commitment

Because of the Publishing Commitment, all your models at TurboSquid will fall into one of two categories:

  • Exclusive to TurboSquid. These models:
    • garner SquidGuild royalty rates when sold, based on your current SquidLevel
    • are eligible for TurboSquid’s CheckMate Certification program.
  • All non-exclusive content on TurboSquid:

    • garner a full SquidGuild royalty rate that matches your SquidLevel if you only post them on TurboSquid and the site with which you have a contract.
    • garner a 40% royalty rate if you post them on TurboSquid, the site with which you have a contract, and other websites.
    • are not eligible for CheckMate Certification
    • must be priced lower than the other distribution channels by at least 10%.  This can be achieved by either lowering your Product Prices on TurboSquid or raising the cost on the other distribution channels.

Time Commitment

When you first sign up for SquidGuild Bridge, the initial commitment is for 90 days. After that, you can withdraw from the program with 30 days of notice, or just remain in the program to enjoy its benefits.

Why do I have to charge 10% more for models on other sites?

Part of your commitment to SquidGuild Bridge is giving customers the best possible price for your models at TurboSquid. We want to attract customers to your catalog at TurboSquid and build loyalty for you here. Each model's price should reflect its complexity and value. 

All my models are bound by an outside agreement. Can I still join?

No. You must have at least one model that you can commit exclusively to TurboSquid in order to join SquidGuild Bridge.

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