How will a TurboSquid Enterprise Account make purchasing easier for my company?

My company needs to be able to purchase using PO numbers. Additionally, all of our invoices must include those PO/ numbers.

Once your Enterprise Credit Application is approved, we will accept company POs and invoice with net 30 terms. Account members can then enter notes at the time of each purchase, such as a PO or project number.  To make order tracking easier for you, this note will be referenced on your invoices.


In order to control spending, my company does not share company credit card data with employees. However, our employees will need easy access to the purchased content.

If you have team members who need access to purchased content but who are not authorized to purchase, we can set up an Enterprise account with custom permissions for each account member that either allow or restrict full account access.


Our account administrator will need easy access in order to manage to the account.

The Enterprise administrative interface allows the administrator to view all current and past activity on the account, including quick access to the purchase history. Additionally, administrators can easily add or remove permissions for new or former employees.


Our accounting office is busy and remitting per-order payments is not ideal for us.

We do not send paper statements for Enterprise Accounts, but we do send an email invoice when each order is complete. We can specifically set up the new account in a way that will also send copies of those invoices to your accounting department.  We offer the option for you to submit one combined payment for the prior month's purchases, thus reducing the amount of time and paperwork that would be involved in submitting per-order payments.

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