How do I authorize people at my company to use the Enterprise Account?

*Remember that anyone you are trying to add must already be a member of TurboSquid.  If they do not have  a member account, have them create one, and send you the member name, as this is what you will use to  add them to the Enterprise Account.

To use the interface:

  • Select the 'View and Authorize Members' link.
  • On the next screen you will see the 'Authorize New Member' button. After clicking on it, another screen will come up.
  • You need to set the following info:
    • Give the member login name of the desired new member.
    • Leave the status as active - you can suspend an ex-employee's account, for example.
    • Decide how much credit you want to give the desired new member.
    • Place any note that you would like to remember anything associated with this member.
  • Click on the 'Authorize New Member' button to give access to your Enterprise Account.
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