What features are available to me in the Supervisor interface to manage my Enterprise Account?

There are several features here for you to use, all of which your Enterprise Account representative can help you learn. They are:

  • 'View and Authorize Members'
    • Authorize members on TurboSquid to use your Enterprise Account (you can only authorize employees from your company who have established member names).
    • View the activity and purchases of each member who is authorized.
    • View any individual purchase receipts for any purchase ever made under the Enterprise Account.
    • Change the type of credit billing for the account to revolving or static, and to set individual members credit balances.
  • 'View Activity'
    • This will show the current month's activity and status of the account.
    • 'View Statement'
    • Each month that has elapsed since the creation of your account will offer the option to view that statement.
  • 'Edit Account Info'
    • This allows you to change the billing address and other general information about the Enterprise Account.
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