TurboSquid's Policy on Mature Content

At TurboSquid, we recognize the differences between artistic content that includes nudity, and that which is inappropriate for our site. Our policy is designed to accommodate the divergent subject matter of content published at TurboSquid while ensuring that customers will have a professional experience on our site. We ask that all artists apply the following standards to their work as they publish it.

Prohibited Content

All content that depicts human nudity in erotic imagery, sexual contact, or minors under the age of 18 is prohibited . More generally, this includes content deemed to be pornographic, obscene, or blatantly offensive. For clarity, nudity of adults is allowed as long as it is used for the purposes of conveying anatomical details relevant to the model. However, nudity that is suggestive of or intended for erotic, pornographic, or sexual purposes is not allowed. With that in mind, TurboSquid is the final arbiter as to what content is prohibited from our site.

No Nudity in Signature Image

Regardless of the content of your 3D model, your Signature Image must not include nudity. Please either show a clothed version of your model, a head only,  or a head and shoulders shot. If you need assistance in choosing an appropriate thumbnail, please contact a TurboSquid Help & Support Representative.

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