Element 3D for After Effects

The Element 3D plug-in for AfterEffects is an easy tool that 2D artists can use to visualize items in 3D. However, because it is primarily a rendering tool and not a 3D modeling program, users cannot manipulate models to the same degree that they can in an actual 3D environment.

Since most of the artists on TurboSquid are creating models to use specifically in 3d modeling programs, many of the models on the site are not going to import, operate, and render exactly as shown in the preview images.  Depending on how an artist creates a model, it may not include complete textures (diffuse, bump, specular, reflection, refraction, opacity, etc.) while certain features/settings will not carry over.  

To insure that you are choosing the right model for your needs and software application, we recommend that you contact support before purchasing.

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