Extracting compressed files: RAR, ZIP, and others

3D files can range greatly in size, and most artists will compress their files to make downloading quicker and easier. Below are some of the most common solutions for issues with compressed files.


Downloaded file is in the RAR, Zip, or other compressed format

Download and install a file extractor
Since most files on TurboSquid are compressed in some way, it is imperative that you have a file extractor installed on your computer.

  • Windows
    If you are using a PC, there are numerous free and priced file extractors available online, such as WinZip and WinRAR
  • Mac
    If you are using a Mac, the App Store has a number of free and priced Zip and RAR extractors available.


I have an extractor installed, but I am unable to extract the files

  • You may need to redownload the product
    Sometimes an initial download attempt may be incomplete because of a paused, canceled, dropped, or idle connection. Try redownloading the product to see if this addresses the issue.
  • The artist provided multi-part archives
    For incredibly large files, artists sometimes upload a product as “archive parts” rather than a single archive. Doing this reduces the chances of time-outs when downloading.
    If you see multiple archive parts (Examples: filename.Part1.rar, filename.Part2.rar, filename.Part3.rar):
         1.   Download all of the file parts into the same folder.
         2.   Extract the first archive. This will automatically extract the subsequent archives
         3.   Once everything extracts, you will have a single model file to open or import.


I have tried all of the above, and I am still having an issue.

If none of the above apply or if you need additional assistance, please open a support ticket so that our support team can help you with your purchase. To help expedite your ticket, please be sure to provide as much detail as possible so that our team can assist you as quickly as possible. Helpful details include:
     1. The application (and version) you are using;
     2. A detailed description of the issue and of any error messages you have received;
     3. Which file formats you have tried;
     4. Screenshots that will help us to diagnose the issue (if possible);
     5. And/or what methods (if any) you have tried yourself to resolve the issue.
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