VRay error messages

VRay is a third-party renderer sometimes used to render scenes within 3D software applications. In other words, an artist can add VRay as a plug-in to his/her 3D software and use it to render scenes and create materials.

VRay is not included with any 3D application; it must be purchased separately in order to use it. However, TurboSquid does not expect customers to have to purchase VRay in order to use the models they purchase, unless the product description specifically says this is necessary.

If you have purchased a model and it loads with error messages related to VRay, then the artist has left references to VRay in the model, and the model's product description should have stated this clearly. If the model's description did not mention VRay but the model loads with VRay errors, please contact TurboSquid support.

You can safely remove references to VRay by changing the current renderer to the software's default renderer. If error messages persist, then you will need to change the materials within the scene to standard materials that do not reference VRay. Doing so will not damage the model or scene in any way, but might cause the scene to render differently than in the thumbnails shown. If removing VRay references makes the model unusable to you, please contact TurboSquid support.

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