Conversions to IGES, SAT, STP, and X_T

In order for a model to be compatible with Solidworks, Inventor, or any other solids-based applications, a model must be made of NURBS.  The majority of the models on TurboSquid use polygonal geometry,

With that said, we are able to provide limited conversions to SAT, IGES, STP, and X_T (Parasolids) formats for use in solids-based applications, such as Solidworks.  Conversion capability needs to be determined on a per-model basis.  If you have questions about a particular model, you should contact Member Services prior to purchase to make sure the conversion is possible.  Sometimes, depending on the product and format, a conversion is not possible.  A Support agent can help you make sure that a model will convert properly.

With solids conversions, please keep the following limitations in mind:

  1. Only models that contain under 20,000 polygons can be successfully converted. NOTE: A 20,000 poly count is not a guarantee of conversion success. Please contact support prior to purchase to see if the file will convert properly.
  2. If the model is unable to be smoothed,the converted file will contain solid surfaces only.
  3. The converted file will not retain textures or materials.
  4. The converted geometry may be faceted.


We reserve the right to refuse free model conversion requests without obligation of a refund; so again, please check with us to make sure your conversion will be possible prior to purchase.

If you need to have a previously purchased file converted, or have a model in which you need a different format then what is available, please submit a conversion request using our online request form.

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