Why have I been asked to provide ID?

As a purely digital internet business, security is essential to TurboSquid. We are constantly adding security features to not only maintain PCI compliance but, most importantly, to prevent unauthorized parties from accessing your personal information and purchased or published content.

To offer an additional layer of protection, our support team may occasionally request that you provide a copy of your government-issued identification. This identification must be picture ID that features your name and address. If you are concerned about sharing your social security number or other personal or government identification numbers, you are free to black out those elements on the image and only provide us with access to the aforementioned information.

We understand that you may be hesitant to upload personal identification online, so we have provided a secure upload system for you to provide the necessary documentation. When you upload your file, it will be uploaded securely through SSL. The file is stored in a separate location from all other content and not backed up.  Its access is restricted to a small set of individuals, who delete it after viewing.  If your file it is not viewed and manually deleted, the files are automatically deleted after a week.

Instructions for secure uploading

  1. Go to https://www.turbosquid.com/Upload/SecureUpload.cfm

  2. Select a jpg, png, or pdf file to upload (20 MB size limit) and enter an optional note up to 200 characters in length.

  3. Click the "Upload File" button.

  4. After the upload is complete, a unique upload code will be displayed for each file you upload.

  5. Contact our support team via Live Chat or a support ticket and provide your upload code(s). Again, please keep in mind that if you upload more than one file, you will need to provide a separate code for each file.

Once our support team views your file, it will be either manually or automatically purged from temporary storage.

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