How can I get a receipt or customized invoice?

When you purchase a model on TurboSquid, a receipt is automatically sent to the email address on your account. 

However, if you need access to a receipt at a later date or to generate a customized invoice, you can easily access this in Order History, which you can find in the account pulldown.


In Order History, you would just scroll to the order you are looking for and click on either View Receipt or Create Invoice. Either option will allow you to print or to download a pdf of the receipt or invoice. 


If you choose to create an invoice, you will be routed to a form that will allow you to input all of your required information, such as company address, project number, or your VAT.  If you would like to send the invoice to more than one person, you can do this by putting both addresses in the "Invoice Delivery Email' field, separating the addresses with a comma.


If the custom invoice does not meet your needs, please feel free to contact support so that they can create a document that will better work for you.

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