Are TurboSquid models 3d printable?

The majority of our models are intended for use in visualization projects and are not created with 3d printing in mind. TurboSquid models may contain objects that have been constructed with multiple parts. The combination of these separate parts will usually cause gaps in the model. There are also other settings in our models that 3d printers and 3d printing software cannot read. Both of these factors can result in errors that will make printing impossible.

If you wish to print a 3d model, we suggest that you contact our support team before you are committed to a purchase. Our product agents will be happy to review a model to see if it will meet your needs.

Please note that there are license restrictions imposed on the creation and selling of 3d prints made from TurboSquid models. If you plan to print TurboSquid models, please review the restrictions here.

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