About the Product Preview

The Product Preview shows you everything you need to know about a 3D model to make a purchasing decision.


Viewing Thumbnails

Click a thumbnail image at the top to see it at 600x600 in the Preview Window. If there are numerous thumbnails available, use the scroll bar to find more thumbnails.

You can also mouse over the preview window to display the Previous/Next Arrows. Use these arrows to display preview images in succession.


If the Image Viewer icon appears at the upper right of the image, this means the image is available at a resolution higher than 600x600. You can click this icon to open the Image Viewer and see high-resolution preview images.


Product Information

Product information is listed at the right side of the Product Preview. Each product also has a written description detailing any special information regarding the model. Be sure to read the product's Description to ensure the product meets your needs.

While the information in this article specifically addresses 3D model Product Previews, the same information applies to other product types like Textures.

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