How do I view high-resolution preview images?

The Image Viewer is a separate interface for viewing high-resolution preview images. It is accessible from any Product Preview that includes high-resolution preview images (images over 600x600). When viewing an individual product, if you see the Image Viewer Access icon at the upper right of a preview image, you can click it to access the Image Viewer for that product.

Image Viewer Access icon

Image Viewer Access icon circled in red

When you click the icon, the Image Viewer window appears. You can use this window to scroll through high-resolution thumbnails, and also to view any high-resolution turntables available for the product.

Image Viewer

If images are grayed out in the thumbnail bar, it means that the images are available only at 600x600 or lower. You can still view these images in the Image Viewer by clicking the thumbnail.

As you move your cursor over either side of the displayed image, an arrow appears on the image. You can click the arrow to navigate to the next image.

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