How do I sort my search results?

Modifying the sort order:

To modify the sort order, click  the arrow in the 'Sort By' menu. Then, you can choose from:

'Best Match,' 'Best Rated,' 'Higher Prices,' 'Lower Prices,' 'Newest,' 'File Type,' and 'Author.' Choose the desired category name on the Sort menu.



Note: Once you modify the sort criteria, the session remembers your choices for subsequent searches until you leave TurboSquid.

If you would like to change your current sort criteria to the sort criteria of your previous search, you can click the blue 'Restore Previous Filters' button on the sidebar.



Displaying the search results:

You can modify the number of products to display on a page, and choose whether to display images only or images plus text.

  • To view thumbnail images plus related text information about the product, click:


  • To view only thumbnail images of the product, click:


  • To specify the number products to display on each page, choose a number from the 'Per Page' pull-down list at the top of the search results.



Modify the displayed search results:

You can modify your search by using the boxes to the left of your search results.  You can specify the following criteria:

  • Product Type
  • Compatibility (or file formats)
  • Price
  • Rating
  • Artist's SquidLevel
  • License type
  • Date Published
  • Artist or
  • Product ID


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