The Shelby License has specific restrictions. Please review these restrictions to make sure you comply with the Shelby License when using a Shelby product.

  • If TurboSquid approves your purchase of a Shelby product, you may only use the product for the use approved by TurboSquid. You may not use the Shelby product for any other uses. You can apply for a use when purchasing a Shelby product.
  • You may not depict the Shelby brand with any of the following:
    • illegal drug use
    • sex, nudity
    • racism
    • graphic depiction of death, violence, or gore
    • foul or illicit language
  • People inside of a Shelby automobile must wear seatbelts and may not be injured as a result of vehicle operation; pedestrians or animals may not be injured; and automobiles may not incur damage, catch fire, or explode.
  • The Shelby brand may not be depicted in any project involving injury to police.

In addition, Shelby has the ability to revoke your right to use the Shelby product.

Please review our available Shelby licenses for more details.

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