Missing model components

There are often quick and easy fixes available for issues with missing textures and materials. Below are some of the most common solutions.


The file opens to an empty scene

The model may be hidden in the viewport
Although this is a rare occurrence, artists sometimes hide the model in the viewport. To reveal the model, you would use the Unhide All function in your application. Please note that some applications may have a few different methods to hide objects. For example: 3ds Max, can hide an object in the quad menu, object properties, layers menu, and also by category.

The point of origin may not be set to 0,0,0
When you open a model, your program will default to the 0,0,0 point of origin in the viewport. If the artist did not set the model to this point of origin, the model may not initially display when you open it. This typically occurs with exchange formats. Using the Select All function (ex: Ctrl + A) along with Zoom to Selected/Zoom Extents may bring your viewport directly to the object(s). For instructions on how to reset Point of Origin in 3dsMax, Maya, Cinema4D, Lightwave, and Blender, please visit our How to Reset Your Point of Origin article. Please note: If you are using an exchange format, the file may import with transparent materials. This is dependent on several factors, such as how the model was made, how it was exported, and what program it is being imported into. Disabling transparency value/channel may resolve the issue.


Objects are missing from the scene

Sections of the model may be hidden
Certain scenes with multiple or complex object setups may have separate sections initially hidden from the scene to help keep it organized. Typically, these objects can be revealed via the program’s unhide options. Please note that some programs may have a few different methods to hide objects. For example: In 3ds Max, you can hide an object in the quad menu, object properties, layers menu, and hide by category.


I have tried all of the above, and I am still having an issue.

If none of the above apply or if you need additional assistance, please open a support ticket so that our support team can help you with your purchase. To help expedite your ticket, please be sure to provide as much detail as possible so that our team can assist you as quickly as possible. Helpful details include:
    1.   The application (and version) you are using;
    2.   A detailed description of the issue and of any error messages you have received;
    3.   Which file formats you have tried;
    4.   Screenshots that will help us to diagnose the issue (if possible);
    5.   And/or what methods (if any) you have tried yourself to resolve the issue.
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