How to download model textures

Finding textures in your downloads

Sometimes artists will upload files and textures into a separate download archive/folder. Look through the file formats available in your downloads to see if there is a separate folder. You may also want to download some of the other file formats listed--sometimes artists will also archive textures with only one of the formats.

To search for a separate download archive folder:
  1. Go to your Order History and find the model in question.
  2. Click on Download individual files.
  3. If a separate archive is available, you will see it listed in the available file formats as (Textures). You can then download the file by clicking on the file name.

If texture files are not available with the rest of the downloadable files, it is possible that the artist uploaded these as a promotional download  You can find promotional downloads on the model’s full preview page under the Previews section.

To search for a textures available through the product preview:
  1. Go to the preview page of the model in question.
  2. If the textures are available as previews, you will find them in the Previews section on the right of the page.
  3. To download these files, click on the file names.
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