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Secondary Preview Image

posted this on September 13, 2011, 08:27

Secondary Preview Image for CheckMate

The Secondary Preview Image is an image in the same pose, angle, and framing as the Signature Image, but with a background image or other scene elements that highlight the model's quality. You designate the image as a Secondary Preview Image by making it the second image listed in Step 2 of the Publisher, right after the Signature Image.


For CheckMate models, the Secondary Preview Image displays by default in the Product Preview after a customer clicks the thumbnail in Search results, and the Signature Image is not available in Product Preview. For this reason, the Secondary Preview Image is a requirement of CheckMate Certification. For uncertified models, the Signature Image displays by default in Product Preview, and the Secondary Preview Image is the second thumbnail displayed.

Use the Secondary Preview Image to show off your model's special qualities, whether it's photorealism, exceptional textures, or design appeal. Compare with the Signature Image, which is designed to give customers the overall shape and design in Search results so they can decide whether to click and take a closer look.

You may use an environment, bitmap, or plain color as your background. Many artists choose a background that makes the model look photorealistic, while others go for contrast to accentuate the model's contours with shadows and highlights.

If you use a background image or 3D elements in your secondary image that are not included with the model you are selling, be sure to state this clearly in the Description.


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