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Problems with RAM usage by DCPFLICS

John Boudreaux
posted this on May 12, 2010, 08:09


Why is DCPFLICS (DCPFLICS.exe) using a significant portion of my RAM and/or CPU?


It is possible that another program may be conflicting with DCPFLICS use of port 4002. When this happens it is possible for DCPFLICS to become flooded with data from the other program, possibly causing excessive use of RAM or CPU cycles. To resolve this, change the port number used by DCPFLICS. This can be done fairly easily by using Notepad to edit the DCPFLICS.INI file in your DCPFLICS installation directory. Edit the line that lists the port number used (4002 by default) and set it to a different number. You will need to restart DCPFLICS or the computer for this change to take effect.

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