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Game-Ready Certification Specification

John Boudreaux
posted this on May 12, 2010, 04:24

Based on the ever-changing specifications for models used by game developers, mobile application developers and other real-time experience designers, our original Game-Ready specification listed below is now out-of-date. We've left it here for you to review as models on our website that were originally certified as "Game Ready" still carry that badge.

TurboSquid is now working with our customers and artists to help update this set of guidelines so that our artist community can produce relevant model content for sale through our library. For now, you can search our real-time assets by going here



Prior to February 2011, TurboSquid allowed artists to submit individual 3D models to our Game-Ready Certification program. 3D models that met the specification received a Game-Ready badge. Although we have discontinued this program, 3D models that passed prior to February 2011 still carry this badge.

GameReadyBadge.png Game-Ready badge

Game-Ready Specification

To become certified as Game-Ready, the model has met the following standard:


  • All modifications collapsed
  • All transformations reset
  • All vertices welded
  • Low polygon count- must be below or near values in Recommendations section below
  • No lights or extraneous geometry
  • Only triangular polygons or quads


  • Image maps must in .bmp, .dds, .tga, .tif, or .jpg format (.jpg allowed, but not recommended)
  • Image map dimensions must be powers of two (i.e. 256, 1024, 2048)
  • No texture maps referenced from file except for the ones the character uses
  • Only default materials
  • Only diffuse, opacity, specular, bump, reflection, and normal maps
  • Only images maps, no procedural textures
  • UV mapped
  • Texture map naming is descriptive but short "mychar_head_256.tga" and contains no spaces
  • Widest dimension maximum is 2048 pixels

File Format

  • File format must be .3ds, .gmax, .ma, .mb, .max, .xsi, .obj, .lwo, .dxf, or game specific format



  • Minimize concave polygons (unless required for object shape)
  • Minimize double-sided polygons (unless specifically required for object)
  • No holes
  • No coplanar faces / No intersecting polygons
  • Only two polygons per edge
  • Pivots at origin
  • Scaled close to default proportions
  • Unified normals
  • Recommended polycounts:
    • Characters < 5,000 polygons
    • Vehicles: 3-6,000 polygons
    • Weapons: 1-2,000 polygons
    • Static Objects: up to 3,000 polygons- (i.e. basic props, lamps, desks, chairs, buildings, shapes)


  • Single, unified image map per object
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