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Game-Ready Certification Specification

John Boudreaux
posted this on May 12, 2010, 04:24

Prior to February 2011, TurboSquid allowed artists to submit individual 3D models to our Game-Ready Certification program. 3D models that met the specification received a Game-Ready badge. Although we have discontinued this program, 3D models that passed prior to February 2011 still carry this badge.

GameReadyBadge.png Game-Ready badge

Game-Ready Specification

To become certified as Game-Ready, the model has met the following standard:


  • All modifications collapsed
  • All transformations reset
  • All vertices welded
  • Low polygon count- must be below or near values in Recommendations section below
  • No lights or extraneous geometry
  • Only triangular polygons or quads


  • Image maps must in .bmp, .dds, .tga, .tif, or .jpg format (.jpg allowed, but not recommended)
  • Image map dimensions must be powers of two (i.e. 256, 1024, 2048)
  • No texture maps referenced from file except for the ones the character uses
  • Only default materials
  • Only diffuse, opacity, specular, bump, reflection, and normal maps
  • Only images maps, no procedural textures
  • UV mapped
  • Texture map naming is descriptive but short "mychar_head_256.tga" and contains no spaces
  • Widest dimension maximum is 2048 pixels

File Format

  • File format must be .3ds, .gmax, .ma, .mb, .max, .xsi, .obj, .lwo, .dxf, or game specific format



  • Minimize concave polygons (unless required for object shape)
  • Minimize double-sided polygons (unless specifically required for object)
  • No holes
  • No coplanar faces / No intersecting polygons
  • Only two polygons per edge
  • Pivots at origin
  • Scaled close to default proportions
  • Unified normals
  • Recommended polycounts:
    • Characters < 5,000 polygons
    • Vehicles: 3-6,000 polygons
    • Weapons: 1-2,000 polygons
    • Static Objects: up to 3,000 polygons- (i.e. basic props, lamps, desks, chairs, buildings, shapes)


  • Single, unified image map per object
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