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TurboSquid Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

John Boudreaux
posted this on May 12, 2010 06:30

The TurboSquid Affiliate Program gives our SquidGuild artists the opportunity to make 20% commission on all the model and texture sales from a referring link. You can track affiliate click-throughs and sales on the seller Dashboard (August 2009 release) within minutes of their occurrence. Non-SquidGuild members will receive a 15% commission. Please note: you must be a TurboSquid seller in order to participate in the affiliate program.  A TurboSquid seller is a member who has products listed for sale on TurboSquid.

TurboSquid Affiliate Program Additional Terms and Conditions

Turbo Squid, Inc. and its affiliates and related companies (collectively "TurboSquid"), operate and certain TurboSquid client applications (each referred to as "Website") and collectively with the TurboSquid client applications ("Service"). The terms and conditions set forth herein (the "Affiliate Terms") constitute a legally binding agreement between TurboSquid and you ("You, " "Affiliate" or "Your") regarding the terms on which TurboSquid offers You access to its Affiliate Program ("Affiliate Program"). Your use of the Website or Services and participation in the Affiliate Program constitutes acceptance of these Terms.

The general TurboSquid EULA ("General EULA" Click Here) is incorporated herein by reference.

Unless otherwise set forth herein, all capitalized terms in the Affiliate Terms refer to the those from the General EULA.

Affiliates receive credits ("Affiliate Credit") for a Valid Sale of certain Content, specifically, 3d models or textures referred through their site using the following linking technique: (adding ?refnum=SellerName to URLs) ("Qualifying Content") through the Service. Affiliate Credit is not given for the sale of software, plugins or other types of Content.

Affiliates can receive Affiliate Credit as described above for the Valid Sale of Qualifying Content through the Service whether or not the Affiliate is the owner/author of the Qualifying Content.

Affiliate Credit is translated into a royalty payment according to the schedule shown here.

Affiliate Credit will only be paid out after the Affiliate completes the payment forms required by TurboSquid for the Affiliate Program.

TurboSquid may terminate an Affiliate from the Affiliate Program for hacking, reverse engineering, cheating, or otherwise exploiting the Affiliate Program as well as any violation of the TurboSquid EULA or these terms and conditions.

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