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What is Alioscopy Certification?

John Boudreaux
posted this on May 12, 2010, 04:26

Alioscopy is the maker of a lenticular 3D display device that allows content creators to build 3D auto-stereoscopic that provides full 3D viewing on the device without the need for special glasses. 3D Depth and Pop-out effects will appear automatically. In order to deliver content to this userbase (who is not well versed in 3D content creation or those tools), professional 3D content creators will be providing Templates that can be purchased by Alioscopy customers, downloaded, installed and modified via a simple editor by the user.

In order to assure users that the content is up to professional standards, Alioscopy and it's partner Applied Ideas will be handling all certification for these templates. The goal of this certification is that when an Alioscopy user buys a template, it should work exactly as expected without the need for further modification or support.

The standards used to check these templates will include the following criteria:

  1. That the template installs into the proper location and all files are present.
  2. That the template includes content that is repurposable, relatable and easily identifiable.
  3. That all editable props and actors within the template work as described by the artist.
  4. That the depth and pop-out effects are not so extreme as to distort the viewer's perception of the file.
  5. That the metadata associated with the template is accurate.

Acceptance / Rejection

When an Alioscopy template passes certification, it is marked as such, and the Alioscopy Certified icon appears at the upper right of the product's full preview.

When an Alioscopy template is rejected, no notification appears. The seller is notified of the rejection reason (by Applied Ideas) so that alterations can be made by the creator. To inquire about your template's certification status, or to request more information regarding a rejection notice, please open a support ticket.

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